Awakening Essence


Assists with awakening your personal power and potential. Deepening of who you are at your core.

Essence Benefits: Awakening fully to all aspects of self and opening to personal insights that are important for at this current time. To bring a deeper transformation that will see you leaping forward in even bigger ways then you have before. Start seeing the potential of what is possible. 


Assists with:

  •  Awakening you and the world around to your higher potential
  • Claim what is rightfully yours and feel empowered doing so
  • Bring awareness to areas that need deeper reflection

When is the best time to use this essence:

  •  You are ready to call back your power from experiences not in service to you
  • There is a deeper calling for you awaken to the next big step


Vibrational infusion of flowers, crystals, moon and angelic energies

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


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