Lightworker Essence


Assisting the light worker within you to reach its potential and become materialised 

Essence Benefits:  There to support light workers to fulfil their dreams and get the guidance they need for energetic alignment with their higher potential.

Assists with:

  • Support in the earthly realms for Lightworker’s & Starseed’s
  • Guidance in fulfilling their dreams & soul purpose
  • Energetic Alignment to put them on their path
  • Bringing together of puzzle pieces that represent your life’s path
  • Activate your DNA strand to higher consciousness 

When is the best time to use this essence:

  • You know you have a higher calling but unsure how to actualise it
  • Jaw clenching due to blocked vision or resistance in seeing what is being shown
  • Afraid to face the new and hold self back
  • Need re invigorating for the excitement for life and what’s on offer


Vibrational infusion of flowers, crystals, moon, and angelic energies

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


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