True Love Essence


Assists you to release the threads that congest the heart and cloud the spirit, so you can once again experience yourself with true love and gratitude. Once stabilized, this love can be shared to renew and deepen existing relationships or develop the trust and integrity to begin a new one.

Essence Benefits:  Open your heart fully to all the experiences life has to offer you as when shut down all these blessings are not able to enter into your world. 

Assists with:

  • Releasing heart blockages so you can experience true love on all levels
  • Deeper sense of self love and connection to your heart
  • Closer connection to all that is
  • Being able to receive the blessings/guidance that is there for you
  • Opening yourself to the possibility of letting in a new partner
  • Deepening of existing intimate relationship
  • Resolve conflict or gain a deeper understanding on an issue between two individuals 

When is the best time to use this essence:

  • Carry pain and hurt from past relationships
  • Your heart feels blocked and guarded
  • You seem to struggle to open your heart to others
  • Struggle to love and accept yourself deeply 
  • Dissatisfaction in a current relationship


Vibrational infusion of flowers, crystals, moon and angelic energies

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


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