Do You Struggle With Setting Clear Boundaries And Sacrifice Your Needs for Others?

As an empath, you have been blessed with the gift of feeling. You feel things deeply, even things that belong to other people. This can be confusing and if you’re unsupported, can feel like more of a curse than a blessing. You might be: A natural giver who feels and cares deeply for others. Someone who puts others’ needs before their own, giving until they feel depleted and lost. Perhaps you settle for less than you think you are worth. You end up feeling disempowered and ‘stuck’ you long to be free, to rediscover your worth, to reconnect with your most empowered self to find your path and purpose. But however, you look at it, finding your way to a life of joy feels impossible, in fact, you wouldn’t know how to even begin to find it. What if I told you, that with the right support, the very best version of you is just within your grasp and everything you long for can be yours if you are willing to do the work.

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The Results Clients Had From Working With Me

“I found your essences to be deeply transformative and our healing sessions a huge turning point for my life. Especially in transforming relationships and letting go of what is no longer needed. Your gift resonates deeply and i an so grateful for our paths to have crossed. She has away of guiding the light of your heart in that direction in a way I have experienced with only a few special souls in my life.”

Bridgit A, USA

“I just want to tell you how personal and meaningful our time working together has felt. I pray one day I can work with clients and make them feel as special as you make me feel. Your work is so deep and personal. This has been such an awakening period for me working with you. I love your energy and you resonate wholeheartedly with me. I trust myself more. I haven’t been searching for outside validation. This is huge for me.”

Selene D, Italy

Full of deep insights & transformations. You have reminded me, how important it is to seek for everything what IS THERE. Ready to be discovered. Value the gifts you received and not search for more information on the outside. You made my values clear for me & helped me to see my blessings and the things I still need to work on.  I am so thankful to have you here, to help me see the “full picture”. 

Veronika S, Germany

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“When I have felt like I need a little extra help with an issues that came up for me , I came across Franziska, who was so easy to talk to and was very helpful in intuitively guiding me. I have noticed that I feel more of a sense of a connection to myself and the direction I would like to take in my career. What has been really helpful is having Franziska to talk to, her gentle kindness and caring heart have been a real support. A big heartfelt thank you to you Franziska.

Jacquie H, Australia

“Working with Franziska’s Remedy was breaking new ground for me, by disintegrating some aspects of my past that had ‘haunted’ me for a long time and during this time I had some great new ideas for self employment, (intrinsically connected to my spiritual growth) come to me quite unexpectedly. These last few weeks have been amazing, I have not seen and experienced this amount of transformation in my life since I turned 21, and I’m 47 now!”

Nitya L, Australia

“As a result of my shift I am finally able to confidently set healthy boundaries. Franziska is such a wonderful kind person and has walked with me through my transformation always patiently answering any questions I have had along the way. Its been an extraordinary experience and I am now feeling much happier being true to myself and finally getting to know the real me. I look forward to my next experience with Franziska.”

Nicole M, Australia
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