Flower Essences

A little know how

These powerful essences will assist and support you in the process of transforming limiting behaviours, clearing blockages to your personal growth, releasing emotional patterns that are holding you back from achieving a more fulfilled and empowered life and in bringing forth a deeper connection to your heart and trust in your intuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all of my customers that are not familiar with energy medicine. Flower/Vibrational Essences are the way of the future and have been a valuable part of cultures and traditions before us. They have been around for centuries and been used in most indigenous cultures for healing in some way.

Unfortunately a lot of the deeper knowledge of the natural world has been lost. My mission is to bring back that knowledge and understanding. Reconnect you with the most fundamental part of Mother Nature and our deep understanding of it. Guiding you home to yourself and all the beauty that lies within you. 

Initially I receive inspiration for an individual essence through a vision, whilst in meditation or via a sudden insight. I work closely with the lunar calendar and attune to crystal and angelic energies through sound and sacred geometry to further define the outcome of each essence.

Nature guides me to the flower that needs to be included. Then whilst creating the essence I allow the energy of each flower and crystal I work with to flow through me and into the Essence as they leave their specific vibrational imprint in the water. The combined vibrational energy of flowers, sun, moon and crystals are set in a solution of brandy and water, which is then bottled.

The essences are ingested through a dropper either directly under the tongue or diluted in water. You can use the drops externally on pulse points, specific chakras or acupressure points. Also adding drops to hot tea or hot water will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with only the essence.

Vibrational essences work directly on healing the energy centers (chakras), energy bodies and etheric layers of the human being and assist in balancing and transforming them so energy can flow freely and dynamically again.

This healing process also brings about the release of negative energetic and emotional patterns or traumas that can stop you from living a fuller life. This release process can bring about and stabilize the ability to move forward through difficult times with greater clarity and strength whilst sustaining a more empowered perspective on life.

Some of these patterns are very obvious to us and some are held within our subconscious and require more encouragement to shift or release so they can be transformed

Subtle awareness is necessary to be able to identify the changes that are unfolding. You might like to consider journaling as a way to document your inner process. Even taking note of your dreams can give you a deeper insight of what you are moving through.

You may notice changes to your everyday perception, respond differently to normal mundane activities, have sudden inspirational insights, become aware of more coincidences or “AHA” moments. The essences will simply engender a shift in how you feel. You might feel drawn to seek out new experiences in your life and let go of situations and people that no longer align with your path of growth. Problems that have been prominent in your life are suddenly shifting and you are finding answers to them. You may be able to hear your inner guidance or intuitive self more clearly and life can feel like “that pressure” has been taken off you and you feel a lot lighter and freer than before.

I like to encourage people to trust their own inner guidance when choosing the right essence for them.

Sit or stand quietly focusing on what issue you would like to focus on right now in your life. When the issue at hand is clear open your eyes and look at the essence bottles. Sometimes you may be drawn directly to a bottle or perhaps look at all the label descriptions and see which one resonates with you best.

If you choose an essence and you don’t notice anything happen perhaps you don’t need it right now. However I truly believe that you are always drawn towards the right essence. Sometimes the process may not be what you expected but don’t give up on the process. Your selection of essence is usually exactly what you are calling in for yourself and it can actually assist you deeply in moving through what has been holding you back.

If you are still uncertain please don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance in choosing the most suitable essence for you right now

How long will the essence last?

Flower essences are created vibrationally and contain only a minimum amount of physical substance, like homeopathic remedies. They are virtually nontoxic. They might stir up emotions that can bring some discomfort, which may need to be addressed.  It is possible to also experience physical reactions that are a response to the healing or awakening process taking place. Generally they pass quickly and are a way for the body to release the energy.

Because of the vibrational nature of essences there is no problem of taking it alongside with any medications. Please do not attempt to replace your medication with the essences and continue with your regular medical supervision.  They work harmoniously with any other natural therapies and will not have any side effects. If you do use other vibrational medicine or are working with another therapy please consider asking your practitioner if it is wise to combine them.

They are quite effective on their own and will take you through a deep process. If you feel drawn to combine some of the essences I recommend not using more than 2-3 at a time

You can dilute the essence in a glass or bottle of water. Alternatively if you not want to take it orally you can use the drops externally on pulse points, specific chakras or acupressure points. Also adding drops to hot tea or hot water will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with only the essence.

I recommend taking 5-10 drops under the tongue twice daily or if you feel drawn to take it more often please follow your own instinct. Be aware that increasing the number of drops will not make it more effective; rather choose to take 5-10 drops  more frequently. Best results are achieved when using the whole bottle. It’s like a commitment from you saying, “Yes, I am ready and willing to change for the better”. If for any reason you are moving through an intense emotion and find it too much, allow yourself to stop for a little while but keep finishing the process. Also taking the essence more frequently will assist you in shifting the situation.

It is totally safe to use the essences while being pregnant. The alcohol used is very minimal but if you still like to avoid it please read the section on “What can I do if I am sensitive to alcohol?” which can give you further information. If still concerned it is always good to ask your primary practitioner or midwife.

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