“When I have felt like I need a little extra help with an issues that came up for me , I came across Franziska, who was so easy to talk to and was very helpful in intuitively guiding me. I have noticed that I feel more of a sense of a connection to myself and the direction I would like to take in my career. What has been really helpful is having Franziska to talk to, her gentle kindness and caring heart have been a real support. A big heartfelt thank you to you Franziska.

Jacquie H.

“Working with Franziska’s Remedy was breaking new ground for me, by disintegrating some aspects of my past that had ‘haunted’ me for a long time and during this time I had some great new ideas for self employment, (intrinsically connected to my spiritual growth) come to me quite unexpectedly. These last few weeks have been amazing, I have not seen and experienced this amount of transformation in my life since I turned 21, and I’m 47 now!
The Transition Remedy has catapulted me into a new and exciting phase of adventure and enjoyment, and I am deeply grateful to Franziska and her essences”

Nitya L.

“I have truly been amazed with Franziska’s Essences. They unlocked some very deep and forgotten caves within my soul.  I know when I take these Essences, I am in for a very personal journey of self discovery, of parts of myself I would never become aware of if it weren’t for Franziska’s incredible, insightful gift she brings. They are powerfilled. Franziska herself is an amazing and beautiful soul. I have total faith in her. One really must take the small step into this amazing medicine. It’s simply the most powerful experience I have ever had. Thankyou Franziska for being true to your path enabling each of us to discover and experience so much more, if we but dare.”

Cubby H.

“Just before I began taking Franzisk’s Essence I was experiencing some challenges in my relationship with my husband. Feeling that these blockages were not shifting or dissolving. On taking them I began to feel more supported to open my heart, lower my weaponry and approach these challenges in a gentler, more loving way. It supported me to rebuild and reconnect with deeper parts of myself and my partner. We were able to transition into a deeper and more loving space, one that felt more authentic and fulfilling. My defences fell away. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to shift old patterns that block them from truly loving themselves and others.”

Briony M.

“As a result of my shift I am finally able to confidently set healthy boundaries.
Franziska is such a wonderful kind person and has walked with me through my transformation always patiently answering any questions I have had along the way.”
Its been an extraordinary experience and I am now feeling much happier being true to myself and finally getting to know the real me.
I look forward to my next experience with Franziska.”

Nicole M.

“For quite some time there had been patterns of behavior within my family that had been eating away at me, within the first weeks of taking Franziska’s Essences I found myself voicing my concerns and not tolerating certain treatment of family members, this was something I always held back from doing before. The shift within my family since doing so has been wonderful, I have found I am no longer treated in the manner I was before and those relationships have actually grown.”

Sarah T.

Results Clients Had From Working With Me

Shops & Practitioners that used my products

“We absolutely love Franziska Stahmann’s Heaven Touch Essences, everyone at the Byron Medicine Wheel in Byron Bay has experienced one or several essences. The results have been profoundly positive in everyones’ personal evolutions. I also have 5 children of all ages and the essences have been very effective for different stages of their lives. I truly appreciate Franziska’s integrity and devotion to helping people.  I would highly recommend these products to any shops that are seeking high quality essence to assist people in their lives. A lot cheaper than a healing treatment!”

Corinne W @ Medicine Wheel, Australia

“When Franziska arrived at my shop to deliver her “Heavens Touch Essences”I knew that they would be a great product. Her intuition was spot on when she recommended the first one for me. I found that after only a couple of days of using the essence that positive shifts began to occur within me and I felt a deeper sense of connection to myself. The second essence (which was a different one) was just as powerful. Franziskas essences have been selling very well at my shop. People are very drawn to them and have been returning customers. It is wonderful to have access to well priced natural products that are made with so much love and intention.”

Eve @ Crystal Treasures, Australia

“I also work for a kinesiology training institute however (NK Institute) so I will definitely spread the word! In 2016 I started taking the True Love essence and in a matter of days I met someone that ended up being my partner for the next few years (we have since separated but it was one of those totally life changing, very karmic relationships). Prior to that I had been single for 9 years!”

Carrie M @ Creative Life Health, Australia

“I have been using Heavens Touch Essences in my clinic and personally for a few years now. I am a Reiki Master and Kinesiologist. I have found the essences to be powerful during sessions with clients, they work on an energetic level to clear stress from the body and emotions. I highly recommend them for practitioners wanting to heighten the results of their work. I feel they are particularly valuable when a client works with the essence outside of the session. I have seen amazing, pointed results throughout my time using the essences. My personal experience with Heavens touch essences has been miraculous to say the least. I am a performer, I have suffered from severe stage fright, I asked Franziska to help me with an essence. I used to experience stress throughout the whole gig, my throat felt as if it were closing over and I couldn’t sing. After using the essence for just one week I had the best gig of my life! My voice was steady throughout and I could actually enjoy the performance! This has been a priceless gift to my life. I am forever grateful for Heavens Touch Essences, they really work, they do exactly what they claim to do on the bottle. An absolutely magical product. Thanks Franziska!”

Eliza W – Intuitive Stress Management, Australia

“I have used them during my treatments to help my clients access emotional aspects whilst I hold /treat the physical organ or tissue and then we integrate with the limbic system. I then send them away with a dropper bottle with some essence for them to use at home. The results have been encouraging. One client who used the Dreamweaver essence was having real trouble sleeping. And after our session with this essence and continuing at home, she instead of dreaming had dreamless sleep for the first time in a long time, allowing her more restful sleep and processing the physical work we have been aiming for positively. Not what I expected, but very positive for us both. I have used kinesiology to test for the correct essence for those who have called for it. Another woman tested for your inner child essence as we were working some emotional aspects held within her thyroid and she has over the period of a few weeks began to paint again. I am still waiting to see her again to reassess her thyroid. So very encouraging. Your essences have been lovely to work with when I have used them.”

Susana P – Chameleon Therapies, UK

Feedback from Clients for my Life Path Readings

“Can’t thank Franziska enough for her generosity and understanding. I have been feeling so uplifted and very calm and contented after receiving her essence. I am finally starting to see the path of my life more clearly now. All this awareness and clarity are the gifts from Franziska for me. Very grateful for her love and support and its my honour to convey you how much I appreciate her and her session.

Chie, Japan

“Words can’t express the appreciation I have for Franziska. She is an incredibly gifted intuitive that has the ability to enlighten you and raise your state of consciousness through awareness. My reading was amazing and I received positive confirmation of my paths journey and purpose. I pray everyone has the opportunity to experience the loving peace and wisdom I experienced as I am beyond grateful.

Devon, USA

“My reading with Franziska was absolutely incredible from start to finish. Everything I was seeking was clarified. Not only is she so kind, but she is incredibly tapped in. I truly feel that with her help and insight I am further directed into my purpose. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone seeking a reading, spiritual clarity, clearing or healing of any sort. She is amazing!!!

Clarke, USA

Results Other Clients Had From Working With My Essences