Flow Essence


Assist you with releasing blockages that prevent you from being truly aware and in the flow 

Essence Benefits: Allow more magic and wonder into your world by being more in alignment with your souls calling and inspiration. Building a greater momentum of energetic flow.

Assists with:

  • Opens the doors to synchronicity
  • To experience more flow and ease
  • Bring in momentum in form of new experiences and people
  • Create from a place of inspiration and flow

When is the best time to use this essence:

  • Life feels like an uphill battle
  • You are trying to break through fully
  • Don’t feel inspired or don’t action on the inspiration received
  • Ingredients:
  • Vibrational infusion of flowers, crystals, moon and angelic energies
  • Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


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