• Gateway Keeper Essence assists you in forming the keys that unlock the doorway to your inner self. Where your intuition and self-awareness resides. Once this gate is unlocked you will gently return to your true nature where beauty and vitality permeate all things.
  • Ancestral Lineage Essence assists you to transform the limiting relationships we have with the rules and boundaries of our earthly family as transferred to us during early childhood. Shifting these relationships at their core brings new ways of being more akin with an integrated adult state. Also reconnects you with your heavenly ancestors.
  • Woman’s Essence assists you with being grounded and strong to your connection with the feminine intuition, inner truth and wisdom. It supports you to approach the cyclic nature in your day-to-day challenges with grace, trust, guidance and clarity that is true to your feminine nature.
  • Transition Essence assists you with understanding that procrastination around change is the blockage to new opportunity. It also encourages the emergence of the strength and determination required to transition from one state to another gracefully and experience change more positively in any area of our lives.
  • True Love Essence assists you to release the threads that congest the heart and cloud the spirit, so you can once again experience yourself with true love and gratitude. Once stabilized, this love can be shared to renew and deepen existing relationships or develop the trust and integrity to begin a new one.
  • Rebirthing Essence assists you to achieve the clarity and trust required to move forward in a new and more authentic way. It will encourage a new perspective on life to emerge and the removal of the blockages and traumas hindering you from achieving your true nature and potential to take place.Also transformational in healing birth traumas, both your own and the birthing of your child.
  • Assists you with removing any unwanted, possibly harmful energetic connections to your past or present that are not in the service of your greater good
  • Assists you with letting go of control and being able to fully surrender to what is happening in the present
  • Assists you with entering inner stillness and calming your perspective in support of your current experience 
  • Assist you with releasing blockages that prevent you from being truly aware and in the flow 
  • Assists you with connecting with your own true self worth and acting in accordance with this understanding
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