True Love Essence


True Love Essence assists you to release the threads that congest the heart and cloud the spirit, so you can once again experience yourself with true love and gratitude. Once stabilized, this love can be shared to renew and deepen existing relationships or develop the trust and integrity to begin a new one.



Assists with:

–  releasing blockages so you can experience true love on all levels

–  deeper sense of self love and connection to your heart

–  closer connection to all that is, being able to receive the blessings/guidance that is there for us

–  opening yourself  to the possibility of letting in a new partner

–  deepening of existing relationship

 Usage: I recommend taking 5-10 drops under the tongue twice daily or if you feel drawn to take it more often please follow your own instinct. Be aware that increasing the number of drops will not make it more effective; rather choose to take it more frequently. Best results are achieved when using up the whole bottle; it’s like a commitment from you saying yes I am ready and willing to change.  If sensitive to alcohol you can add your drops to a glass or bottle of water that way it is highly diluted and should not affect you. Also adding drops to hot tea or water will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with only the essence. Alternatively, if you do not want to take it orally you can use the drops on your Pulse, Chakra, or Acupressure points.


Vibrational infusion of

Vibrational infusion of…

Crystal: Ocean Kyanite, Iron Pyrite

Flower: Bush Lily( Clivia miniata), Freesia

Sacred Geometry: Dodecahedron, Cube

Created with the influence of the 31th August 2012 Blue Moon to harvest the energies of the day.

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


“Just before I began taking True Love Essence I was experiencing some challenges in my relationship with my husband. Feeling that these blockages were not shifting or dissolving, I began taking this essence. The effects were immediate, I began to feel more supported to open my heart, lower my weaponry and approach these challenges in a gentler, more loving way. This essence supported me as I began to rebuild and reconnect with deeper parts of myself and my partner. We were able to transition into a deeper and more loving space, one that felt more authentic and fulfilling. My defences fell away. I would recommend True Love’s Essence to anyone who wants to shift old patterns that block them from truly loving themselves and others. A gentle and beautifully profound essence and one that I love using.”

Briony M., Main Arm, NSW

“When Franziska gave me the true love essence i assumed that it would be working on my heart centre. I was in for a surprise when its was my lower two chakras activating. Wow this essence is strong. I experienced waves of sexual energy through my body and It is my feeling that the remedy was working on my chakras that i felt disconnected from at the time and was needing to connect and learn through.

True love essence was a reminder for me to ground myself and honour myself as a creative sexual being. loving ALL of me Thanks Franziska xxxx”

Sonya D., Mullumbimby NSW

“By the time I started taking True Love Essence, I had taken two of Heaven’s Touch Essences previously. I felt like this had laid the foundation for the energy shifts I experienced whilst taking True Love Essence. I felt a clearing of my heart space, which at times bought up emotions as I sat with them and acknowledged them I had this deep sense of inner peace and unconditional love for myself.

Very profound and powerful.
Thank you Franziska for all of your support and kindness and helping me choose the right product for my situation. Highly recommended!”

Jacquie H., Gold Coast QLD

“Several years ago I separated amicably from my long term partner and allowed myself to spend a couple of years to reflect upon and reorder the nature of my intimate relationships. I delved internally for a period and became aware that I had at least in part closed off to love. It was at this time Franziska gave me the True Love Essence. Immediately I recognized a more open approach to everyday life; laughing and accepting invitations and compliments more easily and I was aware that I was enjoying life again. I accepted an invitation from a very beautiful woman with whom I had an immediate and loving connection and now almost a year later we are enjoying all the bliss and passion that our loving relationship allows…The True Love Essence assisted in this process, I could feel it’s influence the whole time and highly recommend it to anyone looking to reconnect with their own self love and the love of another.”

Tim L., The Pocket NSW


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