This is the ultimate offer for you. It will assist you in turning your life around and create amazing changes. You will be able to work with this pack over 6 months and will experience big transformations in your life. The pack includes my favourite shuffle cards that will support you in defining what essence to work with at any given time. I do however recommend that you start with one and use it till completed and then move onto the next.

Pack includes the essences listed below, Meditation and E book on how to use the pack to your most advantage.

Gateway Keeper Essence –  assists you with the opportunity to start opening to a new life. To find clarity of direction and connection to your inner guidance. We all know what we need to change, to live a more fulfilled and happy life but often refuse to listen to our gut instincts and choose to ignore them. Connected to either low self worth or distrust in the world at large. Created to support and  inspire a step forward in faith if you are willing to listen.

Ancestral Linage Essence – assists you with unravelling a deeper aspect of yourself. Which is your ancestral programming. From early childhood we learn from either our parents, guardians or teachers what is acceptable and what is not. Our live is formed by other peoples believes about the world around us and how we should live.  This essence is there to support you in discovering which old programming is holding you back on your path. Upon releasing some of this you will be able to move forward with more empowerment and freedom.

Woman’s Essence – assists you with tapping deeper into your feminine wisdom and power. Learning to trust the whispers of your soul. So you can feel stronger in who you are and your place in the world. I have created this essence with these moments in mind when we are triggered and challenged in our day to day life as a mother or wife. So there is something to fall back onto that can support and guide us energetically when we are in times of need.  This essence was inspired by my difficult journey of finding my way out of depression. (Please note – this is NOT a claim for healing depression. I recommend you seek professional advice if you are struggling with this.)

Transition Essence – assists you with taking active steps forward on your path of empowerment. Sometimes we have grand ideas on where we like to see ourselves but can easily get stuck in a place of procrastination. Unclear or unsure where to start. Instead of taking one step at a time we sit there contemplating on it, often for too long. This essence is a gentle push towards where you like to see yourself, directing where you need to put your attention. Allowing you to open new doors to change. So you can see that there can be a lot of beauty on the other side of resistance.

True Love Essence – assists you in opening your heart to the wondrous blessings that life has in store for each of us. Its easy to shut down from hurts and pains we have experienced in the past. Not allowing in the new due to fear of being hurt like before. Ultimately we deny ourselves a deeper existence of life where love can flow freely again. We have to open our hearts and learn to truly love who we are and accept every aspect of our true expression . Only when we have mastered this – then it can be met by another.

Rebirthing Essence – assists you to achieve the clarity and trust required to move forward in a new and more authentic way. It will encourage a new perspective on life to emerge and the removal of the blockages and traumas hindering you from achieving your true nature and potential to take place.


Testimonial – Gateway Keeper Essence:

“Since taking The Gateway Keeper, I have seen some remarkable changes in my life. I completed a massive goal that had been looming over me for years. I have also started to get some clarity on my career aspirations, and begin to move through some huge relationship issues. This essence has been a blessing!”

Delia B., Main Arm, NSW

Testimonial – Ancestral Lineage Essence:

“I found this product wonderful for helping me to clear family patterns that had been bothering me under the surface. For quite some time there had been patterns of behavior within my family that had been eating away at me, within the first weeks of taking this I found myself voicing my concerns and not tolerating certain treatment of family members, this was something I always held back from doing before. The shift within my family since doing so has been wonderful, I have found I am no longer treated in the manner I was before and those relationships have actually grown. The first few weeks also came with very vivid dreams, although they felt more like they were playing out issues.”

Sarah D.  Ballina NSW

Testimonial – Woman’s Essence:

“Woman’s Essence is a great potion. Upon taking it on a daily base I felt a transformation from within.I was tapping into my female powers. Rather than being uncertain of new challenges, I met them with a strong sense of courage and strength. My heart got lighter and so did my whole sense of self. Thank you Franziska!”

Annie F., Ocean Shores, NSW

Testimonial – Transition Essence:

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Franziska’s Transitional Essence recently. I was going through a creative slump in my business and the essence incredibly picked me up and started the creative ideas flowing again almost immediately. I felt it removed blockages very quickly. The essence was very energising. I highly recommend it.”

Carlos G. Wollongbar, NSW

Testimonial – True Love Essence:

By the time I started taking True Love Essence, I had taken two of Heaven’s Touch Essences previously. I felt like this had laid the foundation for the energy shifts I experienced whilst taking True Love Essence. I felt a clearing of my heart space, which at times bought up emotions as I sat with them and acknowledged them I had this deep sense of inner peace and unconditional love for myself. Very profound and powerful. Thank you Franziska for all of your support and kindness and helping me choose the right product for my situation. Highly recommended!”

Jacquie H., Gold Coast QLD

Testimonial – Rebirthing Essence:

“I felt that my current situation was consuming all my resources, rendering me overwhelmed and incapable of moving my life into my preferred direction. This oppression was definitely something I’d felt repeatedly in my life, which is why I chose to take Franziska’s Rebirthing Essence.
After beginning the drops the oppression became more intense, my anxiety peeking on about day 3 when I went to sleep feeling like a tiger was pressing on me, pinning me down, immobilising me, and threatening to devour all my vitality. I woke in the morning with a sense that I had a choice. Instead of being a victim to the pressure of being held down by something so dangerous and powerful, I wanted to get out from underneath and ride that tiger instead. That was the turning point. Effortlessly my path forward has cleared. I can easily see, grasp, and take action toward my desired goals. The goals themselves have crystallized. I now very gratefully and happily feel myself on a trajectory moving toward them, one practical relaxed step a time.

Thank you Franziska!”

Shana, Byron Bay, NSW

What are vibrational essences and how do they work?

Vibrational essences work directly on healing the energy centers (chakras), energy bodies and etheric layers of the human being and assist in balancing and transforming them so energy can flow freely and dynamically again.

This healing process also brings about the release of negative energetic and emotional patterns or traumas that can stop you from living a fuller life. This release process can bring about and stabilise the ability to move forward through difficult times with greater clarity and strength whilst sustaining a more empowered perspective on life.

Some of these patterns are very obvious to us and some are held within our subconscious and require more encouragement to shift or release so they can be transformed.