Rebirthing Essence


Rebirthing Essence assists you to achieve the clarity and trust required to move forward in a new and more authentic way. It will encourage a new perspective on life to emerge and the removal of the blockages and traumas hindering you from achieving your true nature and potential to take place.Also transformational in healing birth traumas, both your own and the birthing of your child.



Assists with:

–  bringing you clarity or guidance on how to move forward to rebirth yourself in a new way

– trust in the next step

– removing blocks that stop you from achieving it

– new perspective on life

–  healing birth traumas, either your own or the birth of your child

 Usage: I recommend taking 5-10 drops under the tongue twice daily or if you feel drawn to take it more often please follow your own instinct. Be aware that increasing the number of drops will not make it more effective; rather choose to take it more frequently. Best results are achieved when using up the whole bottle; it’s like a commitment from you saying yes I am ready and willing to change.  If sensitive to alcohol you can add your drops to a glass or bottle of water that way it is highly diluted and should not affect you. Also adding drops to hot tea or water will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with only the essence. Alternatively, if you do not want to take it orally you can use the drops on your Pulse, Chakra, or Acupressure points.


Vibrational infusion of…

Crystal: Chrysocolla, Rhodochrosite

Flower: Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Sacred Geometry: Octahedron, Icosahedron

Created with the influence of the 13th-14th November 2012 Solar eclipse to harvest the energies of the day.

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6% Alcohol (12.5%)


“I’ve just finished my bottle of the Transition Remedy, not long after doing the Rebirthing Remedy…so this review is actually a bit about both! ~ Initially I got some light cold and allergy symptoms while taking the Transition Remedy (and this was also the case with the Rebirthing Remedy) but I had the feeling that these might be part of some clearing so I didn’t worry. Later it actually came very apparent what was the real reason for my illness, and as I could understand this, the symptoms left. I feel that for me these two remedies really worked as a team, where the Rebirth Remedy was breaking new ground by disintegrating some aspects of my past that had ‘haunted’ me for a long time and during this time I had some great new ideas for self employment, (intrinsically connected to my spiritual growth)come to me quite unexpectedly ~ After this Rebirth, I knew that the Transition Remedy was the next one up for sure…..These last few weeks have been amazing, I have not seen and experienced this amount of transformation in my life since I turned 21, and I’m 47 now!
The Transition Remedy has catapulted me into a new and exciting fase of adventure and enjoyment, and I am deeply Grateful to Franziska and Heavens Touch Essences ~”

Nitya L, Byron Bay, 

“I felt that my current situation was consuming all my resources, rendering me overwhelmed and incapable of moving my life into my preferred direction. This oppression was definitely something I’d felt repeatedly in my life, which is why I chose to take Franziska’s Rebirthing Essence. After beginning the drops the oppression became more intense, my anxiety peeking on about day 3 when I went to sleep feeling like a tiger was pressing on me, pinning me down, immobilising me, and threatening to devour all my vitality. I woke in the morning with a sense that I had a choice. Instead of being a victim to the pressure of being held down by something so dangerous and powerful, I wanted to get out from underneath and ride that tiger instead.
That was the turning point. Effortlessly my path forward has cleared. I can easily see, grasp, and take action toward my desired goals. The goals themselves have crystallized. I now very gratefully and happily feel myself on a trajectory moving toward them, one practical relaxed step a time.
Thank you Franziska!”


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