Dreamweaver Essence


Assists you with bridging the dream state with the awake state so the subconscious guidance can integrate more affectively with the conscious mind


Assists with:

– Bridging the subconscious and conscious mind

– Understanding the guidance of your dream state

– Deepening of your dreamworld & integrate messages

 Usage: I recommend taking 5-10 drops under the tongue twice daily or if you feel drawn to take it more often please follow your own instinct. Be aware that increasing the number of drops will not make it more effective; rather choose to take it more frequently. Best results are achieved when using up the whole bottle; it’s like a commitment from you saying yes I am ready and willing to change.  If sensitive to alcohol you can add your drops to a glass or bottle of water that way it is highly diluted and should not affect you. Also adding drops to hot tea or water will cause the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with only the essence. Alternatively, if you do not want to take it orally you can use the drops on your Pulse, Chakra, or Acupressure points.


Flower: Epiphyllum anguliger (Fishbone cactus)

Crystal: Clear Quartz

Vibrational infusion of flowers, crystals, moon and angelic energies

Contains Brandy 33.3% and purified water 66.6%, (Alcohol 12.5%)


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