A Life Path Reading gives you an opportunity to receive clarity, direction and guidance from a broader perspective. I use a few aspects in my readings which include the akashic record, touch of numerology, tarot and a distant energy assessment. Using all these tools allows me to gain a really clear picture to guide you on your path ahead.

With the guidance received I found it was important to implement further tools so the optimum outcome could be achieved. With this you not only gain a perspective but also a valuable tool to adjust your energy to allow in what you may have been blocking previously. When the session is completed I have a clear picture of where energy may be stuck or not in alignment.

I then create a flower essence blend suited especially to the individual and their needs to set a transformation into motion.  The blend will be send to you to work with over a period of about a month time. If you are not familiar with flower essences please CLICK HERE to find out more information. Alternatively please reach out to me directly HERE and I am happy to give you all the information you may need.

The Results Clients Had From Working With Me

“Can’t thank Franziska enough for her generosity and understanding. I have been feeling so uplifted and very calm and contented after receiving her essence. I am finally starting to see the path of my life more clearly now. All this awareness and clarity are the gifts from Franziska for me. Very grateful for her love and support and its my honour to convey you how much I appreciate her and her session.

Chie, Japan

“Words can’t express the appreciation I have for Franziska. She is an incredibly gifted intuitive that has the ability to enlighten you and raise your state of consciousness through awareness. My reading was amazing and I received positive confirmation of my paths journey and purpose. I pray everyone has the opportunity to experience the loving peace and wisdom I experienced as I am beyond grateful.

Devon, USA

“My reading with Franziska was absolutely incredible from start to finish. Everything I was seeking was clarified. Not only is she so kind, but she is incredibly tapped in. I truly feel that with her help and insight I am further directed into my purpose. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone seeking a reading, spiritual clarity, clearing or healing of any sort. She is amazing!!!

Clarke, USA
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