Basic Business Building For Conscious Entrepreneurs. Assisting you in breaking through any personal/technical blocks so you can follow what you truly love without fear

Having build my business from scratch I know very well what it feels like, having to grab your head around all the things that you need to set up shop. What often happens in those early days is that for most people overwhelm sets in as there is so much to consider. Backed up by the shiny object syndrome its easy to fall into all sorts of traps and to continue to buy multiple product options that sound great on the surface but in actuality waste your time, money and energy. Often end up not even being used as somewhere along the line you give up and not do anything with it anymore.

Not to mention all the personal blocks that can arise while you have to put yourself out there like never before. Leaving you with feelings of fear that eventually stop you on your tracks. Which is putting your energy into what you truly love and why you have decided to start this business.

I have been fortunate enough to not only create my own business but I have worked behind the scenes with other multiple small/medium businesses over the last 7 years. Through that I gained a knowledge of many different applications being used that have helped me in gaining a better understanding. It also taught me how to create multiple ways of income streams within your own business. There is something we are all really good at and through stepping into your own and a willingness to stay open to possibilities all sorts of doors can open in the process but you have to be aware what is showing up for you and how you can implement them all. Plus do the energy work so you can let it all in.

The last 10 years I also have been digging deep into my core beliefs of what was holding me back and stopping me from fully stepping into my personal power. I have used multiple energy healing modalities and currently training in one that has been the most transformative for me since I started all this many years ago. Plus I have spend hours in business trainings to gain a better understanding.

With all that in mind I gathered a way to streamline your business and give you the right tools and direction for you to start seeing results. I also offer personal services in organising all the backend stuff that you find too much or too overwhelming. Let me sort it out and you do the rest. For anyone that is interested in learning about the step to step process to expand your skillset I am able to train you in various areas.

My skillsets are broad and I love learning new things. I have worked in all these different areas. Administration, Personal Assistant, Events Coordination, Sales, Customer Service and currently added Project Management to the list. Through building my business I have experience in social media management, GDrive, Canva, Word and WordPress. Tell me what you need and lets get it done!

“My name is Shaune Clarke. I am the founder and CEO of Big Brand Speaking. We are $million/per year speaker training and workshop company. That means we have a lot at stake with customer speed and satisfaction. Franziska Stahmann’s attention to customers is so incredibly valuable. She watches me – to be sure I’m doing what I need to do to be sure they are properly attended to. With a schedule such as mine and many competing priorities this has been absolutely invaluable. I find this level of attentiveness and care to be exceptionally rare although imperative. The numerous comments I have received from clients letting me know how great Franziska has been with them and how fortunate I am to have her is also testament of just how ‘on it’ she is and just how much she truly does care. She is supremely reliable and committed. So dependable and willing to think outside the box. I’m not one to do things ‘by the book’ and so I do very much appreciate this about Franziska. She has also been so willing to grow and stretch which has made it so easy to grow the business.”

         Shaune Clarke, Big Brand Speaking

“Franziska worked in my business for approximately two years in the capacity of events coordinator as well as administrative assistant. She was also briefly an appointment setter where she phoned leads generated from Facebook advertisements. During this time I found Franziska to be punctual, honest, hard working and careful with details. When a task was given to her with only brief instructions, I was confident she would always find a way to get the job done. She always met her deadlines. Further, Franziska was friendly with other staff, clients and prospective leads. On the phone she was compassionate and a good listener. Overall it was a pleasure to have Franziska work for us, and we wish her well in her future endeavours.”

          Angela Hryniuk, Ascension Mastery Academy

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Franziska as either the ideal contractor or co-venture partner. Franziska has undertaken a wide variety of tasks . These have included customer service, store layout, restocking, independent trouble shooting and preparing the space. Her duties ranged from collating data, Facebook marketing, stocktaking, presentation. Clearly she is very versatile and extremely hard working. Her IT skills include a sound knowledge of both Excel, GDrive and Word and she has even created promotional material. I have found Franziska to be punctual, reliable, honest and dedicated.”

         Julie & Nick A, Crystal Expo

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