I began my journey of personal and spiritual development over twenty years ago when, on my travels through Asia, I discovered the transformative practice of meditation. From then on, I attended silence retreats across the continent, as well as retreats in Europe and Australia.

Continuing along my path, I discovered an interest in natural living and healing, and learned the techniques of Reiki. Still searching for answers, I felt drawn to flower essences and their healing powers. I began researching vibrational medicine and felt called to develop a range of essences that combined the potent energies of both flowers and crystals. I also trained as a flower essence practitioner to expand my knowledge and practical skills.

At first, I found my blends to be powerful tools to induce change on my own quest for wholeness. I was able to dig deep into parts of myself that I had found hard to acknowledge, uncovering so much grief and sadness along the way. With every layer that I allowed myself to explore, I found a profound sense of relief and freedom. I was connecting to my true self, and it was wonderful!

Gradually, as I continued to grow on my journey, others who searched for healing found the essences useful too. I realised that like myself, so many others begin life with traumas and unhealthy influences. These dysfunctions often set you up on self-destructive paths of abuse, addiction and co-dependency, paths that inevitably lead to states of anxiety and depression.

I believe that with some dedicated work, guidance and support, anyone can learn to love themselves deeply and be content with who they are. I would be honoured to assist you on your own journey of reconnection to self. I feel it is my true calling to empower others and help them find their own unique path, allowing them to experience all the wonders and beauty that this life has to offer.

When you are willing to transform, life will give you an opportunity to grow.

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