I know it’s not a topic many people like to talk about but it can no longer be ignored as all to often it stays behind locked doors. 

Sadly, so many people feel like giving up or confronted with what has shown up.

Not surprising really when you have a good look around and assess the world in all it’s leaps and bounds. (Don’t get me wrong here, that’s for sure as there is also a lot of goodness in this world)

More then ever people are FEELING ALONE as the sense of community has shifted it’s form.

Everyone is hiding behind their phones and what used to be a friendly smile or chat now is a like of your Facebook post. 

We try to live up to standards that are not in alignment with our own and may TRY TO PLEASE OTHERS or focus on what is being expected as the norm. 

It often leaves us feeling empty not knowing where to go. Looking for answers outside from our own. 

Days can feel HEAVY, CONFUSING and SAD and most of all LONELY for most of the part. 

However hidden underneath all this mumble and jumble is the gold of what we call our “POTENTIAL”. 

Often ignored and pushed to the side thinking it’s not really worth of giving some time. 

However if ignored for too long of a time can intensify the experience and have you see going down on a spiral.

If you HIT ROCK BOTTOM and lie on the floor ready to give up and say I can’t handle this anymore. 

Society affirms you there must be something wrong with you and pumps you full with narcotic drugs to numb the pain you are going through.

Anyway it’s easier then having a look at all the emotions and all the revelations are way to confronting. 

Often forgotten is that in these times it’s a golden opportunity to transform your life. 

The choice is yours one way or another and it’s up to you to come up with the answer.

Don’t forget that deep inside of you, you hold all the insights that can see you through.

All that you seek is right close to you. You just have to say YES and follow through. 

If this has touched you and you are READY to go and say goodbye to the way it is for you. 

Make sure to leave a comment below or sent me a message or two. 🙂

Most of all do what feels right to you!!!!!!