“This is for all the EMPATHS out there”

Are you kind, generous and have a love for others and often get affected by what is thought of by others? 

Being SENSITIVE and EMPATHIC is truly a gift but there are days where you feel it’s not a great fit. 

No matter what you do and how much you give you often end up EMPTY HANDED when it comes to the last bit. 

You are frustrated with how things are going for you and know that something needs to change but it’s not quite clear to you. 

Deep inside you there is a LONGING that only gets stronger. Hoping to FIND THE CONNECTION with another so it makes you feel fuller. 

Unfortunately now I have to say that what you are seeking is only found close at bay. 

You have to go deeper, to the part of you where you find the fulfillment you seek FIRST within you. 

I do like to ask you this one simple question. 

What do you seek from the other that actually needs your directed attention? 

If you are able to put the focus right back at you and figure out what you need to FEEL GOOD about you.

The result will be that you find your INNER PEACE and your connection with others will also  increase.

However relationships are not always easy and can rub you up the wrong way in ways that feel a bit sqeezy

Leaving you feel LONELY and maybe quiet EMPTY but let me tell you it’s not as bad as you may make it. 

If you learn to surrender to that part of you and stay connected to that force that is much higher than you. 

You will get a sense of CONNECTION that runs VERY DEEP and you feel content with what is present for you.

The TRUST has grown to self and others and you know where to engage and where to leave the others.

It takes some work and commitment to self but is certainly quite possible in this world.

These are just some words of encouragemant to you because as a fellow empath I know exactly how you feel. 

Most of all I like to say if this is what you feel…..DON’T GO IT ALL ALONE and to reach out to me. 

There is no need to wallow in this for too long and rather focus on building a connection with yourself that is super strong. 

Often we just need a little change of direction and allow in the guidance from the other dimensions. 

I can hear others say in their mind you are way too much out there my friend. 

However to change the reality we are living in, it’s time to find more balance in the approach we are having. 

Bringing together the HEART and MIND connection to build a world that has not so much segregation.