Do you have this feeling inside of you that something bigger is calling you?

However you are not quiet sure how to go about it or how to take the next step.

You thought about a few options but after a while they drift of in the ether.

On a frequent basis you have this stirring in your heart to act on what you have thought previously but can’t quiet break through.

A part of you is afraid of what will happen if you take a leap of faith and you are somehow scared of the unknown.

You think maybe I simply should be grateful for what I have and keep moving along. (Ps….Being grateful certainly helps)

You tell yourself….I know what I am up for and this is familiar so it’s not worth taking a risk.

Time goes by and increasingly you feel more deeply affected by your thoughts and emotions.

A fear builds inside of you so strong that sometimes it’s unbearable.

You are ready to break free but held down by your own shackles and the resistance is tenfold.

You decide this is it….I am finally going for what I want and get ready to step into action but instead you freeze or find yourself running around in circles.

In the back of your mind a voice is whispering in your ear….what if I fail? What will others say? What if I let go and don’t find anything better?

Arrrrggghhhh ……..

I know exactly how you feel I been there many times throughout my own life.

However my heart and drive was always stronger to not accept this any longer as my reality.

Sometimes you have to be clear and say NO…….I no longer choose this and set a clear boundary.

To actually create what you WANT

I know….change can be frightening but also the most transformative experience.

Often it brings you closer to what you wish and hope for.

If you allow yourself to listen…

And let your heart guide you!

I am not saying all this with a light heart as my life has seen me make big changes.

Leaving a secure 9-5 job to travel and giving up most of my belongings

Moving to the opposite side of the planet to start a new life

Leaving an unfulfilling relationship to start a journey of raising 2 kids fully on my own
in a foreign country with no family around

Overcoming loss and grief at young age from the death of a family member

and the list goes on…..

These moments changed every fibre of my being and opened doors and possibilities that I could not have imagined.

These difficult moments are a key to unlocking a part of you that is ready to live a life full of peace, love and connection.

If you know how to manoeuvre it into the right direction.

Within each of us lies hidden potential often untapped and ignored.

To access that you have to shift your reality. Allow yourself to tap into something bigger then you and let your heart and faith guide you.

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