As you change and evolve in life, your physical world adjusts to what is happening inside of you. Some changes are quiet subtle and others have a big impact, where it feels like being thrown into circumstances that feel out of your control. Forgetting that we are the creator of our own lives trying to teach ourselves a lesson.

In that moment all we can do is let go of what was once familiar and no longer serves us. With that said, it’s not always easy to do so. There is a part that likes to hold on and keep things the way they have been. Maybe afraid to look and see what is on the other side. Some things just can not stay as they keep us bound to an old way of living that stops us from moving forward.

Removing the old can create a gap while transition into the new. Different feelings can arise like a sense of being lost and not knowing your direction. Walking around like an empty vessel looking to be filled. I think the key is allowing oneself to fully surrender to what is and rest in the knowing that this is just a phase that will change. It’s easy to get stuck here as your mind can start to pull things apart, trying to make sense of it all.

You may find that suddenly your perception has changed. It shows up in the way you relate to people, how you feel, activities that you enjoyed but no longer fill you. Your awareness and sensitivity can be heightened. Possible shift in your personality, like you have changed your body overnight.

What to do when all this happens?

First of all know that all is ok! Just breathe and surrender. Find a place in nature where you can be on your own and fully allow to let go. If possible, go for a swim at the beach with clear intentions of washing away what no longer serves you. Share your experience with someone you can trust. Be open to the new opportunities that want to enter. Take all the rest you need and let your body guide you. When feeling unsure find a quiet moment and connect to your spirit and ask for direction. What is my next step? Then listen to your feelings and start acting on them.

May this help you on your path of growth and continuous change. If for any reason you are stuck and seeking further direction/guidance. Contact me so we can set up a FREE 15 min chat to help you see the light on the end of the tunnel and transform what has outgrown you. Call +61 (0)431326743 or email