Becoming a mother has probably been the biggest experience in my life this far. There certainly have been a lot up and downs but none compared to the growth that happened for me here.

Pregnancy was my most amazing experience but did not truly set me up for what was about to come. With both of my 2 children being born I felt a new part of me emerging. The first few years where a place between bliss and not knowing how to best handle what was in front of me.  I had chosen to put myself in a relationship that I felt was not supportive to me and the family. It did not take long for me to fall into depression.

It was the dark our of my soul and hard to bare. A part of me wanted to give up and no longer wanted to be and deal with the hardship that presented itself. Friends suggested that I may seek help and I decided to take the steps of seeing a psychologist. Working with her helped me but I also felt like slipping deeper into a dark hole and couldn’t see a way out. She suggested to me to use antidepressant.

Being a big believer in natural health I refused to take this path and that’s where a big journey of self discovery started for me. I knew I had to find a way to get out of this. But how?

After some soul searching I realised that I put myself last on the list and no longer allowed myself time for me. I dedicated a lot of time to my child or partner and felt empty with not much to give.

It took me years to pull myself out of this hole and make choices that where beneficial to me. I had to learn to believe in myself again. Take daily actions to nurture me and consistent effort on changing my mindset to a more positive one. Most of all I had to look at my life. Take responsibility for what I had created and make some big transformations. All that I had been avoiding starred me in the eye and I no longer saw a way around it but had to walk my way through it.

Since finding the way back to me I have grown in so many ways. Discovered parts of myself that I did not knew existed. Most of all I have been standing firmly in who I am and what I need to do to look after me so I can be more present in my day to day life as a mum.

Over the years I have observed this happening to so many mothers and guided them on their path.  I see these difficult moments in life as an opportunity to grow and expand in ways that we never thought of as possible. New doors always open once we shut an old way of being behind us.

If you find your yourself in a situation like I have descriped make sure to listen to your inner guidance. Its always with you! Repetitive thoughts are the key to where your freedom lies. Don’t ignore it.